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January “To Do” Items for New Jersey Employers

By CJ Griffin, Esq.

As 2013 comes to a close, New Jersey employers should be aware of important changes coming in the New Year.  First, New Jersey joins a number of states and jurisdictions that are increasing the minimum wage rate for employees. Effective January 1, 2014, New Jersey’s minimum wage will jump to $8.25 per hour.  Per the Constitutional Amendment passed by voters in November, the minimum wage will continue to automatically increase each year based on the rate of inflation.

Second, as of January 6, 2014, all New Jersey employers with 50 or more employees (regardless of whether those employees work in New Jersey offices or out-of-state offices) must conspicuously post a gender equity notice in a designated location within the workplace that is accessible to all employees. The gender equity notice advises employees that they have the “Right to be Free of Gender Inequity or Bias in Pay, Compensation, Benefits or Other Terms and Conditions of Employment” under both federal and state law.  Employers must also distribute a copy of the notice to all current employees by February 5, 2014.  Additionally, a copy of the notice must be immediately provided to any and all employees hired after January 6, 2014.  Going forward, employers must distribute the gender equity notice to all employees on December 31st of each calendar year.

A copy of the notice can be located on the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workplace Development’s Website.